So how do you measure DevOps?

On Thursday, December 14, Dr. Nicole Forsgren, CEO and Chief Scientist of DORA, and our own CTO, Anders Wallgren, had a lively discussion on the key DevOps metrics to track at each stage of the process, how those metrics relate to the business, and how they can guide continuous improvement.

According to Anders: without metrics, “…we don’t know where we are, so we don’t know how to fix the problems so we can get to where we want to be.”

Nicole advised: “If I had to pick one metric that mattered (to every business), it would have to be the ability to develop and deliver software with both speed and stability.”

Here’s the abstract of their joint webinar:

The heart of DevOps and Agile is fast feedback. Measuring your pipeline and collecting information about performance and quality is great but is time consuming, which means longer cycle times and slower response. The magic happens when you can turn that telemetry into actionable insights in order to optimize end-to-end flow.

Listen to the replay to understand why you should measure DevOps at all, how to understand the impact, and which metrics to choose for every stage of your pipeline.

From Measurement to Insight: Putting DevOps Metrics To Work

Watch the replay to learn more


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