Gradle Build Analytics and Dependency Visualization

November 20, 2013 Update: The annotation-generator available on GitHub have been extended to now also leverage internal dependency information from Gradle - enabling interactive traversal through the dependency graph and additional reporting such as e.g. Longest Serial Chain and ElectricSimulator. ===================================== With the announcement from earlier this year that the...

Taming the Android Monster

A few weeks ago, we released our Android software delivery solution – which enables Android software teams build, test and release Android solutions more efficiently and faster. Since that release, we have had many discussions with Android development teams and our hypothesis of the need for such a "delivery solution"...

ElectricAccelerator 7 – pushing the boundaries of build acceleration, again

Today, Electric Cloud is announcing the immediate availability of ElectricAccelerator 7.0. This release brings significant new innovations and performance enhancements to the market for anyone looking to optimize and accelerate their software build environment. We have publicly launched and talked about some of the new capabilities of this release already,...

Android Blog Series – Accelerating the Android Build (Part 4)

========================================================== Edit: New data on Accelerating the Android Build here (October 28, 2013) ========================================================== In previous posts in our Android Software Delivery blog series, we've discussed the high-level business and operational challenges of delivering and releasing Android products (Part 1 and Part 2). We’ve also discussed the challenges involved for...

Android Blog series – Build challenges (Part 3)

As we talk with device vendors and their challenges in releasing high quality products to market timely, the need to address faster and accurate software builds stands out as one of the primary challenges everyone is trying to solve on a daily basis.  Build times, whether, individual developer builds, integration...

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