Automated, predictable deployments

ElectricFlow Deploy makes deployments boring throughout the software delivery process to reduce delivery cost, increase quality, reliability and traceability, and accelerate time to market.

Fast and easy deployment automation

ElectricFlow Deploy supercharges the application deployment process,  allowing release-ready applications to be deployed fast.

  • Fast begets frequent
  • Frequent begets feedback
  • Feedback begets fixes

Repeatable and reliable automated deployments

Leverage existing scripts to execute deployments while allowing for smooth migration away from the customized legacy solutions. With hundreds of out-of-the-box integrations to essential software development, middleware, and infrastructure management tools, ElectricFlow Deploy provides a complete deployment automation solution for deploying apps into physical, virtual, and cloud environments.

  • Automate steps to eliminate manual errors and streamline handoffs
  • Capture the details of every installation step
  • Write processes once, perfect them, and use everywhere

Model your apps, environments and operations

Centrally define and manage application and environment details (e.g. Dev, QA, Production) and manage resource pools, environment specific  properties, as well as tier-specific failure thresholds to enable application-centric resources management.

  • Enforce a standard path to production
  • Identify and enforce relationships between servers and application tiers
  • Troubleshoot by drilling down from a high-level deployment view into the depths of every command run on every system

Shared visibility across stages and environments

ElectricFlow deployment automation solution gives DevOps teams an easy way to view the status of critical components (applications, infrastructure, and processes) that define a successful application release.

  • Understand what is deployed where
  • Track the release candidates through required stages and environments
  • See the entire deployment, across all systems, from one place

Powerful per-environment customization

Tired of editing configuration files by hand as your release candidate is promoted through Dev, QA, and into Production? Powerful properties enable the application to automatically adjust to different environments at deployment time, saving script specialization and maintenance overhead.

Plug deployment automation right in to existing middleware and applications

ElectricFlow Deploy integrates with most leading middleware and application systems such as application servers, databases, web servers, monitoring, load balancing, system configuration, and ticketing and provisioning systems.

Dependency mapping management for tiered application deployments

Define and automatically coordinate deployment cross-dependencies between complex application tiers.

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