Resources: Industry Reports

Training Videos

Check out the technical training videos to learn how to create a workflow in ElectricCommander, troubleshoot a failed build with ElectricAccelerator, configure SCM, and more.

ElectricFlow Datasheet

ElectricFlow is a Continuous Delivery suite with easy to adopt Applications designed to automate the software development pipeline through build, test and deployment.

ElectricFlow-Deploy Datasheet

Automated, Repeatable Deployments in a Snap.

ElectricCommander Datasheet

ElectricCommander helps development and operations teams deliver applications with improved time to market, higher quality and complete visibility.

ElectricAccelerator Datasheet

ElectricAccelerator® dramatically speeds up software builds by automatically distributing build jobs over scalable resource clouds and multi-core desktops. It enables development organizations to improve software time to market, increase infrastructure utilization, and enhance developer productivity.

Product Documentation

Check out the User Guide, Installation Guide, Release Notes and other detailed documentation for Electric Cloud’s products.