OVUM Analyst Report | ASeptember 2011

DevOps: Advances in Release Management & Automation

DevOps originated with operations as a means of streamlining and improving the effectiveness of operations in the face of increasing workload. Traditionally operations had the time to deal with application stability, risk, and performance issues separately from infrastructure management and procurement tasks.

This changed with the adoption of Agile practices in development at one end, resulting in increased deployment frequency, while at the operations end the trend towards cloud and virtualization speeded up and lowered costs relating to hardware procurement. Consequently, operations became the bottleneck. The availability of new deployment solutions has significantly helped operations by automating many manual operations.

The solutions from a range of leading vendors and innovators in release management and automation are compared side by side in the Ovum rainbow map for DevOps. This solution guide and comparison will help IT managers choose a good fit for their operations needs.

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